By November 23, 2012 Entries

Interested in getting your work seen by the world and not just a few punters at the local film festival? 16mmtv is putting out the call for great filmic work to be broadcast on our non-profit streaming tv channel. 16mmtv provides exposure to tens of thousands of like-minded creatives, industry leaders and the general public. It¹s all about your work, not about 16mmtv, we are simply a vessel for your awesome work to set sail upon.  It can be any genre, format or idea, as long as it¹s good. 16mmtv is 100% non-profit. A large corporation doesn¹t own it and there are no irritating ads. So if you like our work as much as we like yours, we¹d be honoured if you jumped on our website and check us out.

Website: http://16mmtv.net
Contact: Chris Thompson
Email: curator@16mmtv.net