2010 Play Now Act Now Winners Announced

By October 20, 2010 Congratulations

The 2010 Play Now Act Now Showcase Event went down at The Vanguard Theatre as all of the finalists works across Short Film, Digital Design and Microfiction were exhibited for participants, friends, family, festival sponsors and judges.

Overall People’s Choice Award: Bernadette Silner for ‘The Unsociables‘
3rd Place Winner: James Gray for ‘Jamal‘
2nd Place Winner: Felicity Pickering for ‘Mango‘
1st Place Winner: Erica Lovell for ‘Lucky Will‘

Digital Design:
Overall People’s Choice Award: Jessica Le for ‘Wasted Potential‘
3rd Place Winner: Tia Scott for ‘Drug Lord‘
2nd Place Winner: Brendon Killen for ‘Reflections‘
1st Place Winner: Jessica Le for ‘Wasted Potential’

Short Film:
Overall People’s Choice Award: Brendon Killen for ‘Hand’
3rd Place Winner: Lachlan Shire Youth Services for ‘Picket Fence‘
2nd Place Winner: Claire Phillips for ‘The Boys‘
1st Place Winner: Brendon Killen for ‘Hand‘

Microfiction Judges: Miles Merrill. Paul Watters. Jacqui Dent

Digital Design Judges: Ray Wassef, aka Ray Mann. Jeremy Saunders. Louise Helliwell

Short Film Judges: Steven Kastrissios. Stefan Popescu. Dee Jefferson