3d Animator/CGI Work – Paid

By April 7, 2014 Jobs

We have just successfully raised money on our crowdfunding campaign on our movie 54 Days, as post apocaplyptic movie about 5 people trapped in a nuclear shelter after nuclear and biologcal contamination.

We are looking for a 3D animator to help us with some 3d animation for a cockroach that is a character in the movie – our objective is to make the audience cry when the cockroach dies – so it’s a challenging role!

The gig is paid but the budget is small – we have a team of 22 working on the project currently (most full-time in the industry) who are working for a fraction of their normal rates because they love the project.

You can check out our crowdfunding site at:

and our facebook.com/54days

Send details of your CV to:

Tim Lea, Producer

Email: info@54daysthemovie.com