Actors Wanted – Safety Third

By November 13, 2013 Jobs

Running time: 7 Min (Approx)

Genre: Supernatural thriller. Silent Film.

Shoot Days: Mid December 2013 (Approx. 3 days)

After waking in White Jacket Forest tied to a tree, Daniel and Barket are faced with the infernal consequences of their pasts. They have been kidnapped by Jerry, a damaged loner who seeks revenge for the physical and psychological abuse they inflicted upon him back in school but White Jacket forest possesses a dark history and has plans of it’s own. Can Daniel, Barket and Jerry forget their dysfunctional history and fight to survive the unforeseen horror that will do anything in it’s power to eliminate them or will blood have to be shed for them to reconcile.

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DANIEL: A slim athletic 21 year old male, (18- 30 years old), a conformist, easily influenced by his environment Daniel has been close friends with Barket since they were children, raised in a wealthy family, conditioned in a world of superficiality and narcissism he has a disguised sense of kindness under the mask of the fake, selfish world he helps represent.

BARKET: 20 year old male, (18- 30 years old), solid athletic build, aggressively competitive, A borderline sociopath he is the stereotype of the alpha male. His ego and controlling persona burns everything around him but is worshipped for it as his large social status dictates how the world see’s him.

JERRY: 21 year old male, (16- 30 years old), Raised in a middle class family, he is a loner who has lived the last few years after school planning his scheme of revenge towards Daniel and Barket. Kind, conservative and gullible, his fear of face to face confrontation is tested when he has to follow through with his plan.

DENMARK: A male in his (Late 30’s, early 40’s), Denmark a mysterious, seedy alcoholic Jerry met in a bar drinking has a knack for the crime world. Jerry and Denmark feel the same loneliness and their hatred for the majority and have decided to team up to kidnap Daniel and Barket.