Arts Party Campaign Passes 45% Funded in 7 Days

By October 30, 2013 Events

Only one week into its 50 day founding campaign, The Australian Arts Party has raised more than 45% of its funding target and now has over 120 members. Launched on 21st October 2013, with the aim of creating a party to ‘promote and encourage Australian art, culture and creativity, for all Australians’, the campaign has stimulated an immediate groundswell of support from supporters of the Arts around Australia.

“While the financial target is looking certain to be reached, the membership targets are where the party will really define the success of the campaign”, said PJ Collins. “We need 500 members to register the party federally, which we are now on target to reach, but we want to also register in every state and territory parliament, that means 750 registered voters in NSW alone.” He continued ”We urge all Australians, who believe that our arts, culture and creativity matter, to join us now!”

In further news, the Australian Arts Party has also announced the members of their founding committee, more information available at:

Alex Broun – Award-winning playwright and screenwriter

PJ Collins – Founder and experienced Australian film maker

Nicholas Gledhill – Founder and AFI nominated actor

Dean Golja – Highly respected commercial and fine-art photographer

Bernadette Mansfield – President of FONAS, theatre producer and renowned potter

Kate Mills – Ex- editor of BRW and a highly respected business journalist

Barry Watterson – Founder and Director of the Australian Film Festival

The committee has already begun preparing an initial policy document, liaising with new members and handling practical and strategic issues during this important registration campaign. In a joint statement, the founding committee called on all Australians artists and audiences to join the new movement.

“Australian art, culture and creativity have a huge influence on our lives, both socially and economically. They are the true primary industries of this country, creating wealth and community through our imagination, hard work and appreciation. They are activities that inspire, enrich and change Australian lives. We need to reprioritise Australian creativity as a fundamental asset of this country.”, said Gledhill.

For the next 43 days, any Australian can claim a three-year founding membership of the Australian Arts Party for only $20.

Find out more at:

For more information about the founding committee and party, please visit: