Be There to Mark the Analogue TV Switch Off at Televisions

By November 22, 2013 Blog

To mark the end of Analogue TV in Sydney, Metro Screen have teamed up with Tele Visions to screen significant video works at Performance Space who are also celebrating their 30th Anniversary.

Talking Back to TV

Metro Screen & Televisions presents
Talking Back to TV – a special screening
2:00 – 3:30pm Sunday 1 December
Track 8, Carriageworks at Eveleigh
Free Entry no RSVP required

Tele Visions plays upon the imbalance of access to TV broadcasting between corporate or government entities and the public. However it would be remiss to not acknowledge the remarkable and inspirational histories of community access media and production collectives in Australia. Talking Back to TV takes a looks at these histories through the screening of two historically important activist video works and a retrospective presentation by Metro Screen.

Introduced by Jennifer Crone; ‘The Bicentennial will not be Televised’ is a potent critique of Australia’s celebration of 200 years of white settlement that dissects the language and nuance of the dominant culture’s celebration propaganda and the reaction to that celebration being challenged.

Fig St Fiasco was created using the newly accessible technology of portable video recording to allow for fast, collaborative, community based story telling to occur where TV wouldn’t go.

Metro Screen, Sydney based screen production access organisation came out of the video collectives and community access movement and has supported diverse access to television. Retro Metro looks back over the past 32 years of storytelling and rabble rousing in Sydney. From the early protests calling for Public Access TV to some of the first experiments with live video by Severed Heads in the 1980’s.

Turning Off The Signal

Digital TV is fundamentally changed from analog TV at every stage of its delivery right through to how it is consumed. A household TV used to have a single purpose (aside from gaming console use), with limited and linear streams of content. Each evening you could have a shared experience with colleagues and friends and the next day you could talk about what you watched on TV, knowing that it was quite likely they had watched the same thing.

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Tele Visions

Tele Visions is a series of events and broadcasts demarcating and exploiting the shutdown of analog TV in Australia through the presentation of works that create new intersections between the television medium and contemporary art. Tele Visions is timed to coincide with the final shutdown of analog television in Australia on December 3rd, 2013.


You’re History

Tele Visions is part of the 30th anniversary of Performance Space, to celebrate they are taking over Carriageworks between 20 November and 1 December with YOU’RE HISTORY! festival. Expect new works by both recent and long-time collaborators of Performance Space, featuring interactive installations, sound and video works, hybrid art shows, live interventions into public spaces, dance, talks and screenings.