Big Baby – Ranked #1 in Australian App Store in Education and Kids Categories

By November 4, 2013 Congratulations

Since it’s launch in September 2013, Big Baby has been ranked #1 app in the Australian App Store in both Education and Kids categories. They have also received some fantastic feedback in the App Store from their customers and have a five star review. The app was designed by Gabrielle Banks and produced by Caroline Kinny-Lewis, who were recipients of Metro Screen’s Digital Kitchen funding. They have also been successful in their application for the Screen Australia Games Production Grant.


About Big Baby:

Big Baby is based on traditional doll play and supports learning through investigation, role-play and fun.

George, Rosie, Asha, and Bo are just like real babies. They eat, laugh, cry and need their nappies changed. Big Baby is a fun, age appropriate way for boys and girls aged 3-6 (as well as younger and older kids) to love and care for a baby of their own. Big Baby is a way for children to explore themes that relate to their world and day-to-day routine around healthy eating, cleanliness and emotions.

It’s open style play where there are no rules. Children can play with their baby when and how they want. There are no game levels, no language barriers to gameplay. Content is original and safe with no in app purchasing and parental locks.


  • Featuring four cute babies reflecting different cultural backgrounds
  • Babies express emotions, and their moods change
  • Babies reacts to touch when you play with their hair, hands, feet and face
  • Dress the baby in suits
  • Change the baby’s nappy
  • Feed the baby a bottle, take it away and she cries
  • Feed baby snacks and find out what she does and doesn’t like
  • Play baby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the music toy and watch baby dance
  • Turn out the light, give her a blanket and watch her sleep and stir on touch
  • Give baby love and she gushes with excitement
  • Make her lunch or dinner and mush it all together in the food processor.
  • Make your very own Big Baby doll with printable paper toy kit
  • An e-book addressing routines and feelings

Big Baby is designed in consultation with pre-school children, parents and early childhood teachers.

“We wanted to encourage interaction between different family members, because family is the essence of Big Baby.” said Game Producer, Caroline Kinny-Lewis.

About Big Ice Cream:

Designer and Producer team Gabrielle Banks and Caroline Kinny-Lewis are award winning app developers, friends, mothers to young children and passionate about quality children’s content.

“We are mindful of how media affects children and Big Baby is designed to suit the age and developmental stages of our audience” says Caroline Kinny-Lewis. “Whilst technology changes the same tried and tested toys are used at home and in pre-school over and over.”

The development of Big Baby has been a community effort says Game Designer, Gabrielle Banks

“We won a grant for illustration from Metro Screen, however the development has largely been self funded. We begged and borrowed and involved our local community.”

Banks explains how “the design process involved regular consultation with parents, children and early childhood educators.” She added that “the feedback from the children we tested with is our greatest asset and we could not have made Big Baby without them.”

Big Baby costs $1.99 and will be rolled out globally during October and November.

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