Byron Bay Film Festival 2014

By October 28, 2013 Entries

BBFF2014 will run from 28th February to 9th March 2014. We are now in our ‘Late Deadline’ phase of submissions with the deadline for most categories of 31st October 2013.

BBFF encourages filmmakers and audiences to ‘Open Their Aperture’, to open their eyes, minds and hearts to new possibilities and experiences. The range of films we screen is diverse and dynamic. Our team is passionate about supporting independent filmmakers in all stages of their careers and we believe in creating positive opportunities wherever possible showcasing the amazing works of talented creatives to an open, intelligent audience as well as some well connected, highly respected Judges. The festival features an award for the Best Young Australian Filmmaker which is open to Australian Director’s under 25 and offers young Australian filmmakers reduced entry fees for their films.

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