Calling All Assistant Directors

By January 15, 2014 Jobs

This is a Australian multicultural story where one incident connects the lives of many different characters ultimately revealing a shocking mystery at the end. Its a suspense drama.

At the moment, we are in the verge of producing a pitch trailer for our main production. Through this pitch trailer we aim at showing the story, concept and characters to audience and also we aim to raise funds to make our main series. Furthermore this pitch trailer will also be used to sell our main series to TV channels overseas and here.

It will be a 5 days shoot (tentative) sometime in early February. We are not in a position to pay our crew members as a salary for this pitch trailer production but we will pay when we start shooting our main series. But, for this shoot, we will provide expenses for your travel (petrol or transportation fares) and you will be well fed.

Please go through the detailed description of the roles below and apply accordingly.

We are looking for passionately hard working individuals who are professional in the style of their work (not necessarily full on experienced) and equally talented in their positions.

Roles and description:

1st AD:
– work closely with director and producer during pre-production process to help understand the story and shooting plan
– responsible of running the set smoothly during the production
– you will be working with an experienced director which will help build good skills for you in the long run
– do apply if you’ve been AD before or if you recently graduated from film school or if you are studying in film school in at least 2nd year

Off set 2nd AD:
– Role involves more of paper work
– work closely with production manager in making call sheet and schedule for the shoot
– take care of cast and crew members contract forms

On set 2nd AD:
– take care of Cast members (on and off set) during the time of production
– great opportunity for you if you are starting out in this industry and good networking platform if you are already involved as a AD in other productions too.

3rd AD:
– take care and direct Extras/ background actors during the time of production
– great opportunity to practice your directing and communication skills