Co-producer for TV Pilot Teaser (Unpaid)

By October 13, 2014 Jobs

We’re shooting a TV pilot teaser for a comedy called Cyber Squad on 22-23 November. We’ll then be shopping it around to successful production companies, ABC and SBS.

I am looking for someone to come on board and work with me as a co-producer.

The cast and crew are pretty much locked in. I need someone to help sort the last of the production planning, and then work closely with me on marketing, using the 1-3 minute teaser to generate interest. My problem is that I’m juggling two jobs right now, including my corporate video business, which is going great funds.

This gig in unpaid. However, if you’re interested in this area and have the right skills, there may be paid work available in the coming months.

I work with a really great, talented and experienced crew, so the shoot will be a great experience, I’m sure.

In terms of what might be in it for you, if we nail the teaser and it gets some interest then it could get picked up by the ABC as a six-part series. Hopefully opportunities would flow from there.

Social Media crime is on the rise. And what better cop to lead Cyber Squad than Detective Barry Barnes? Well, actually, there are plenty of better options, but with the force severely under resourced, Barry’s all they’ve got. He’s teamed up with the only cop in the force who can handle his unusual ways. Constable Clare Clover is young, savvy, and very patient. Barry’s strength is old fashioned police work (well, not really a strength, but anyway…).​ Barry bungles his way through cases, drawing laughter from his peers, but somehow, Barry always gets his man—is it skill or luck? Who knows…​

Email me at  or phone: 0421 757347.