ColourShape TV

By October 29, 2013 Events

ColourShape is a place for quality short films, web series and articles. Anyone can turn on a web cam or post a tweet, but it takes a team to create and produce a well-told story.

Use ColourShape to show off your work, create a director profile, utilise our crew and cast database to interact with other filmmakers, learn about the industry, and begin your next adventure. Grow with us.

Do you have a completed video or article? The team at ColourShape are actively involved in the sourcing and creation of content, and seek to work with the next generation of digital filmmakers and writers to provide a global distribution network across multiple platforms. We believe quality needs to be shared, and will work with you to help your project reach the widest audience possible.

Do you want to get an idea off the ground? If you are a writer or director looking for help producing, financing, writing or getting a team together we’d love to be involved depending on the project and your location. Start a conversation with us today. There is a time and a place for every story, and the place for quality is ColourShape.┬áMake it happen.

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