Comedy Short The Mind Job Featured on

By November 5, 2013 Events

The comedy short film The Mind Job by Sydney based film-maker JJ Winlove has front-page honours on this week’s,  a website showcasing the best short films from around the world.

From shortoftheweek’s Ivan Kander: ‘As the short progresses, it manages to find new and hilarious wrinkles to extrapolate from its ripe setup, each punchline more uproarious than the last. This is the rare comedy short that only gets funnier as things build’


In 2011 The Mind Job was nominated for the Australian Writers’ Guild’s Monte Miller Award for best unproduced short screenplay. It has gone on to have a successful run in the US, playing at the 2012 LA Comedy Fest, the 2012 Palm Beach International Film Festival and the 2013 LA Comedy Shorts, where LA Weekly named it one of the ‘10 Films You Must See From the LA Comedy Shorts Festival.


The Mind Job is a romantic comedy which delves to dangerous depths within the male mind, offering a glimpse of something that perhaps shouldn’t be glimpsed. As witnesses to a crime, lovebirds Zac and Izzy have their memories unencrypted by futuristic technology to try and reveal the culprit. In the process, Izzy discovers what we all know to be true when Zac’s stored memories are revealed: that all men are just horny bastards.

The short was made in 2012 by writer/director JJ Winlove whose other films have picked up prizes at the Sydney Film Festival and New Zealand’s 48 Hour Film Festival, as well as screening at festivals and TV screens around the world. The film was produced by Linda Sapier and Jenny Lee-Archer and made with a combination of private funding, crowd-sourcing through IndieGoGo and a cookie jar at JJ’s workplace, BMF Advertising who also chipped in to help finish the film.

The film stars Matthew Moore and Krew Boylan with Lorna Lesley and Paul Barry in supporting roles. It was shot over five days.

The film can be viewed here: