Costume Designer Required – DryFire

By July 23, 2013 Jobs

The team at DryFire are urgently seeking someone to design and assemble costumes for the first two 8 to 10 minute episodes of the saga set in a wasteland future Australia.
We aim to shoot over the final two weekends in August, and while all crew roles are unpaid, there will certainly be a selection of the budget designated to costume, to be discussed. DryFire is a Metro Screen Breaks funded film.
Please contact Alex Giles urgently if interested, and if possible attach any CV’s / Examples of work.
0438 987023

In a near future Australia, global warming has reached extreme levels and natural resources are scarce and precious, none more so than water. The bulk of the population huddle in protective city enclosures. The government innability to support anyone outside these cluster cities due to the sheer expense of survival has given rise to a shift in power. Whole sections of Australia are being controlled, if unofficcially by wealthy private companies and their own private military organizations. One small community of outsiders choosing to live in the harsh outback find themselves at the mercy of a giant water company that won’t take no for an answer. They never even knew about the cache of ground water under their settlement now all that’s stopping it from costing them their lives is a lone military officer and their own will to survive.