Crew Call for Tropfest – Jason and the Golden Probe

By August 26, 2013 Jobs

I’m interested in speaking to talented nut jobs who are interested in creating their place in history with the making of this short film destined to become a cult classic. It starts with entry into the 2014 Trop Fest. From there we’ll enter as many National and International film festivals as possible.

In a previous year’s submission I attained selection for ‘The Best of the Rest’ top 20 Trop Fest selection with a film was in 3 days as a bit of a lark. The film ‘The Fortuneteller’ was also selected by Qantas for their In House Entertainment Program. The film I’d like to enter this year will also take about 3 days but I’m taking a much more applied approach.

The film, entitled ‘Jason and the Golden Probe’ is very quirky/funny and unique to say the least and is guaranteed to attract interest. It will be shot in a quasi-doco style meets Twisted Sister’s Twisted Sister. The script is complete and I have done a shooting schedule including props, costumes etc, broken down by scene.

The story is based on an interview with a real person. It involves a gangster assassination, matrix mind-melds, alien probes, a peyote trip and the search for gold by a human metal detector. It’s like an ep of ‘The Twilight Zone’ on shrooms.

I’m looking for a cinematographer and sound duo (even if you haven’t met yet) who can work well together over a number of internal and external locations as well as an editor with a wild imaginative flair. This is a collaboration/coop with me as the evil ubermind but I will cover any production costs (all $50 worth) and am prepared to share any profits the film may make over it’s lifetime which I estimate to be somewhere in excess of around $75!!!

I’m hoping gear may be provided but am open to begging. Filming will take place over 3 full days in and around the Sydney CBD and must be completed no later than September 25th which allows a couple of weeks for editing to meet the October 10th submission deadline.

I am a writer with many years experience. I also trained at WAPPA and am an award winning actor. I will be playing all the roles. Don’t laugh, my performance will make you want to runaway, join a cult and drink the Cool Aid through a nose straw.

Shooting schedule is flexible but we’ll need to commence as soon after selection as possible. Only seriously talented weirdoes need apply. No Divas, tantrum throwers, lazy- arsed dummy suckers, or fast talking talentless wannabe wankers. This gig is not about ego it’s about working as a team and creating something unique and compelling… together!

Contact: Brendon (Writer, Director, Producer)

Knock three times and say ‘Bernice sent me.’ Please include details of any relevant experience, equipment owned, showreel/links etc. I’m happy to send the script and breakdowns to seriously talented weirdoes who may be interested.

You know you wanna… and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t.