Crew Required – Short Film

By January 20, 2014 Jobs

My name is Darcy, I’m producing an upcoming short film and in search of the following roles:

DOP, costume, art, lighting and a runner. I am mainly looking for just the heads or someone who can perform these duties alone, but will discuss any assistance you may need on job hiring. Some experienced preferrred but not essential. Great short film for film students, anyone new to film etc.

For the  DOP please keep in mind, this is indepent short film on a razor thin dudget, but payment will be discussed, the same with expense’s.

The following roles, it is unpaid but expense’s will be met.

Filming will be towards the end of march. Dates will be confirmed shortly. Filming will take place over 3 days, with the potential 2 extra days. The 2 extra days will be given proper notice and care if needed to use them.

But for all, experience, referance’s and potential future work (from us) will be provided. Please attach CV, cover letters and which job you’ll like to take up on the following email: