Distribution practices in the US and UK – Churchill Fellowship report

By September 30, 2011 Congratulations

Liz Watts, previous board member and long time supporter of Metro Screen recently completed a Churchill Fellowship in the UK and USA.

The aim of Liz’s research was to “explore innovative production, distribution practices and content creation within independent American cinema in the USA and UK”.

Download the full report here but here is just a brief snippet….

“From my time in the US, my conclusions settle firmly on the power of the internet, and its increasing dominance for audiences and those that provide the content. Theatrical exhibition is undoubtedly still an important part of distribution windows but the flow on effects of audiences consumption through download and streaming entail innovative practices of attraction and recognizable brand reputation, and the importance of curatorial directives. Producers there are realigning their business models to the new world of distribution, often downsizing and multi tasking their core businesses to include forms of exhibition and audience creation.”