DOP with HD Camera Needed for Reel Shoot

By July 8, 2013 Jobs

I am an actor and I am shooting a scene for my portfolio with an actress friend of mine and we require a film crew to help us shoot. We are looking for a DOP with access to an HD camera and equipment and possible some lighting

We have a 1 bedroom apartment in which to shoot the full opening scene to PS I Love You. It runs about 12 minutes long. We will be shooting Friday evening of the 12th July 2013.

We unfortunately have no budget for this but will provide food and drinks on the evening for everybody and the edited footage will be available to all shoot participants to use in their own portfolios.

I’m sorry for the short notice, but we have had difficulty finding people because of holidays etc and we have had some people become unavailable. We would really appreciate all the help we can get. We are very quality oriented people and want the final product to be amazing.

Please email me at: or call me on 0424 646453