Electric Shorts: Call For Entries

By August 27, 2014 Entries

Electric Shorts is inviting independent filmmakers to submit their films for this year’s program.

Artists doing it for themselves is the driving spirit behind Electric Shorts. Entries must be fully self-funded by the filmmaker and be 30 minutes or less. All genres are accepted. The year of production is irrelevant.

“We want to inspire upcoming filmmakers to do what they’re passionate about and get their work out there,” said Electric Shorts Director Jim Stamatakos. “If you wait around for money from funding bodies or private backers before you make a film, you might be waiting a long time.”

Electric Shorts will put together a program of 12 diverse films that compel, excite, entertain, shock, provide insight, elicit empathy and possibly lead to catharsis — everything films can do but often don’t.

Deadline: Monday 8 September 2014

Entry fee: $35

To enter visit: http://www.electricshorts.com.au/application-form/