Emerging Futures

By October 10, 2014 Blog

Due to the overwhelming groundswell of support we received at our recent forum (You’re On Your Own Kid) and the industry acknowledgement of the challenges the emerging sector currently faces, Metro Screen’s board has committed to steering Metro Screen into the future as the guardian of this endangered sector.
Our financial challenge is to secure the equivalent of $240k in core funding each year to keep the doors open from the end of next year, when our Screen Australia funding finishes. Metro Screen is already a very lean organisation so there is little to trim in our budget and we don’t want to threaten accessibility by increasing our program fees. Our challenge is to identify and source new income.
We’re setting up a Working Party with both board and industry representation and we plan to undertake detailed research to explore all avenues. We want to engage our stakeholders to get a holistic view of the emerging landscape. We need to define and map the emerging screen space and its place within the larger screen environment, and drill into where there are skills gaps and future trends. Our aim is to identify sustainable programs to support talent regeneration into the future.
It has been incredibly affirming and energising to receive your encouragement and assistance through a variety of channels; the public forum, the Have Your Say feedback and direct calls and conversations. It is particularly heartening that this feedback represents the full diversity of the screen community. Thanks so much for your interest and support, and we’ll keep you posted.

Watch the highlights from the You’re On your Own Kid forum below.