En Passant FBi Social Event

By August 26, 2013 Events

The En Passant project strives to create a contempory dance installation, web delivered documentary and short film by bringing creatives and artists from different artistic backgrounds together. The idea started as a film idea that contained a dance sequence. Haydn Walker, Song Zu composer designed a piece of music that was so inspiring that a team of contempory dancers, led by choreographer, Shannon Ryan, offered to create the routine for the music. Erin Collett’s story of En Passant inspired the idea of a dance made up of chess pieces learning the lesson of love found and lost. The En Passant project expanded and became three pieces of work that each speak to a singular idea- the creation of a story in many different artistic forms.

This offered a great opportunity to document the journey and the mixing of creative minds to show an array of talented and sucessful people. It is a combination of music, story and emotion told through film, dance and fact. We invite you to follow our journey and the creation of the En Passant project as it reaches its destination and the world of its audience.

en passant – in passing

1. A chess term used to describe a method by which a pawn, who, after advancing two squares past an enemy pawn can be captured as if he had only moved one square.

2. Adv- in passing; by the way; incidentally.

En Passant is hosting an FBi Social event on Sunday 1st September from 7pm to 11pm. The following bands will be making sweet, sweet music for your listening pleasure:

The Year of Our War


Terry Serio

The Trobes &

Dead Eyed Suburbanites

Tickets are $15 and available via the website and on the door.

Website: http://www.enpassantproject.com