Entebbe Filmmaker Flies to Australia for Jewish International Film Festival

By October 23, 2013 Events

Eyal Boers, whose fascinating documentary LIVE OR DIE IN ENTEBBE will screen at JIFF 2013, will visit Sydney to attend the film’s Australian Premiere on Wednesday 13th November at Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction.

Tel Aviv based Boers, who is fluent in English, Hebrew and Dutch has produced, written, directed and filmed several short dramas and documentaries in Israel and The Netherlands.  A sought-after lecturer on cinema, Boers also possesses a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University and is studying for his PH.D.   Prior to university, he spent some of his formative years in Sydney.

Boers has long been drawn to portraits of heroism (his previous documentary was CLASSMATES OF ANNE FRANK) and delving deeper into the cultural significance of iconic events that have shaped history such as those at Entebbe more than 35 years ago. The story of Entebbe is a famous one.  In June 1976, an Air France flight was hijacked by German and Palestinian terrorists who diverted the flight to Uganda’s Entebbe Airport. The hijackers subsequently demanded the release of terrorists held in Israel, France, Switzerland, Germany and Kenya.  Failure to comply with their demands, they decreed, would result in the execution of all the Israeli and Jewish passengers who had been on the flight. A week later, Israeli planes flew 4000 kilometers over hostile territory to Entebbe and in less than 60 minutes, Israeli commandos stormed the premises and rescued more than 100 hostages.  Considered one of the most brilliant rescue operations in military history, Operation Entebbe put a temporary stop to plane hijacking as a means by which terrorist groups could impose their demands, and showed the world the lengths to which Israel would go to protect its people.

But Israel’s most heroic myth was also a great tragedy for a little-known French family – the Mimouni’s – whose son, 19-year-old French-Israeli hostage Jean-Jacques Mimouni, died during the rescue.  In LIVE OR DIE IN ENTEBBE, Jonathan Khayat, nephew of Jean-Jacques Mimouni, embarks upon a journey to uncover the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of his uncle and uncovers why he and Entebbe’s other victims were forgotten.

Festival Dates:

Sydney:             30th October to 17th November 2013 – Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction

Melbourne:      6th to 24th November 2013 – Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick

Website: http://jiff.com.au