Experienced Colour Grader Required For Short Superhero Film – As The Pearls Fall

By January 14, 2014 Jobs

‘As The Pearls Fall’ is a film about a middle-aged woman who seeks to commit suicide in a playground after her family dies in a car crash. The last superhero on earth, Jade, tries to stop her. However, the woman convinces Jade to leave her alone, and Jade walks off as the woman takes her own life.

We need this film to look spectacular — the look of the film needs to reflect the gravitas of the script, and the colours need to convince an audience that this is a normal superhero movie, only to have the script take them down unexpected avenues. If you want to take on this important role in this unique and original film, and you are adept in rendering HD footage as film footage, please send us a CV or samples of your work to: masinaebkhil@hotmail.com

Please note that this is an unpaid role, but that any revenue/rewards (less costs) will be shared equally amongst all cast and crew.