Experienced Foley Artist Wanted For Short Horror Film – Trapped

By December 19, 2013 Jobs

‘Trapped’ is a short film that merges Poe-like psychological horror with classic film horror by telling a story from a zombie’s perspective.

The film will run for 2.5 mins, and we need all the classic foley: tearing of flesh from the limbs; zombie’s being hit with brances; fast-paced running; etc.

Unfortunatley, this is an unpaid role, but any revenue/rewards (less costs) will be shared equally amongst all cast and crew. Please note that you will need your own equipment and recording facilities.

If this short horror film sounds like something you’d like to be the foley artist for, please contact us at: noshly@hotmail.com or: lkw51516@gmail.com

The competition deadline is the 30th December 2013.

Contacts: David & Matthew.