Experienced Producer – Music Video

By December 2, 2013 Jobs

I know it sucks to request for unpaid jobs but I’m hoping you have a desire to work on a fun music video that will look really slick. We have a budget but it’s all going in to equipment and FX.

Unpaid work. 14th or 15th December 2013

I have a mood board/edit of pictures that will be the basis of the video idea:

pass: showcase

The DP is Liam Gilmour, he is good. My other stuff can be found on www.castlepictures.co.nz

I’m new to Melbourne and I would normally produce my own videos but I need a guiding hand (and preferably someone with a car), to help me find some great locations and help with a bit of scheduling, permit applications and smooth running.

Please only get in touch if you’ve got a bit of experience in production management and/or ADing at the very least. You will get a Producer’s credit, of course!

Contact: Nikki

Email: nikki@castlepictures.co.nz