Family is a one-hour documentary that explores the far-reaching impact of child sexual abuse on individuals and families. The film follows the stories of two sisters, Nina and Nikki, both the victims of child sexual abuse. Nina, sexually abused, and Nikki, married to the abuser, staying for years in a marriage where she knew that something was terribly wrong, but refusing to acknowledge it. This deeply intimate and honest film examines the domino effect of child-sex-abuse on every aspect of a victim’s life as they become adults and repeat the patterns of abuse in their other relationships. It explores the culture of denial and cover-ups, so common to stories of abuse encountered through years of research.The film examines the different ways these two sisters have dealt with and continue to deal with the scars of the past – one through religion, the other through reaching out to other victims online.

This is an important film that has the potential to help other victims find their voice, and feel empowered to tell their stories.

The film is directed by Marryanne Christodoulou, who made her first short documentary through Metro Screen’s Multicultural Mentorship scheme (which is now Breaks funding), and this is her one-hour follow up feature documentary. It is co-produced by fellow Metro Screen alumni Melissa Anastasi. Melissa’s project Treading Water was selected as part of Metro Screen’s Breakout program and has screened at several film festivals including Flickerfest in 2013.

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