Feature Film Seeking Crew – Two Brothers and Girl

By June 19, 2013 Jobs

‘Two brothers and girl’ is a realist social drama that follows the everyday life of two brothers who live together and unknowingly get involved with the same girl. It is a story about relationships, social harmony, and Australian day-to-day life. The film is currently in Pre-Production with all locations secured, the very talented M. Nick Dell is on board as Director of Photography and we plan to begin Principal photography on Saturday the 13th of July 2-13 until Monday the 19th of August 2013. We will shoot only on Saturdays (DAY), Sundays (DAY) and Mondays (NIGHTS) with the weekend of the 26th,27th, and 28th of July OFF.
Your experience in the roles listed below is enough whatever it may be as long as you are aware of your responsibilities and you have an idea of what you are doing. On set, we will be all collaborating to create an image we are aiming for to serve the story and the film. We will work in the same a way an orchestra plays a score. Everyone will have the chance to focus on his piece.

We are looking for:

-Continuity person.
Your main role is to be aware of changes on set. We will shoot in story sequence to the most possible extent.

-Make-up Artist.
You will be in the process of selecting the “look” for each character. The aim is to keep make-up minimal and subtle for the camera. There are no scenes where heavy make up is required for special effects etc…

-Unit manager.
Your main role is to manage the resources we have. Quality and safetyis a priority, keeping in mind efficiency.
-Boom Operator.
You will be working with a sound recordist. Some of the sets are tight, so you could think about that. You will be using a Sennheiser 816 shotgun mic.

-Costume manager.
Your main role is in the pre-production meeting and selection of already available costumes and managing them on and off set. You will work directly with the DOP and Continuity person.

What you will get out of this is up to you, like any other set you would work on. The difference is that we are focusing on making cinema in its purest form possible. We aim to present this film to international festivals, where we will be present to try and sell it to distributors for international markets.

Contact: crewforfilm@live.com