Film Script Available – As The Pearls Fall

By August 13, 2013 Jobs

This film would be cheap to make, as it has only one set and two actors. It’s called ‘As The Pearls Fall,’ and it is about a middle-aged woman who seeks to commit suicide in a playground after her family dies in a car crash. The last superhero on earth, Jade, tries to stop her. However, the woman convinces Jade to leave her alone, and Jade walks off as the woman takes her own life.

This film taps into the current zeitgeist of placing superheroes into dark, semi-realistic settings, such as with The Dark Knight or Man of Steel.

If any reliable & honest independent film-makers (or student film-makers) are looking for their next project, and this sounds like the type of film you’d enjoy, please email Matthew at: and I will forward the script to you.