Forum Sydney Episode 5 – Arts & Culture

By January 16, 2013 TV

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Arts & Culture is an issue that is correctly identified as key to the future of Sydney residents.

The panel are pictured above and they joined the discussion on Forum Sydney of this important issue that was hosted by Brian Carlton (at centre).

The special guest panelists were (from L to R) Victoria Harbutt РJoan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre; Lisa Andersen РUTS Research & Director Empty Spaces Project; Penny Ryan РArtist and Activist; and Craig Donarski РMarketing Director Sydney Film Festival.

In this episode we discussed:

‘The Sydney artistic and cultural scene seems alive and well. Or is it? How do we rate compared to other cities in Australia and the world? How does the value of cultural and artistic vitality benefit Sydneysiders? Are we getting the maximum funding value out of our public money?’

This episode focused on Arts & Culture, and discusses how the millions in funding for Sydney festivals and events is divided, for better or for worse. We also investigated whether the emerging Arts and Culture scene in Western Sydney has benefited the community, and finally we look at how the Sydney scene stacks up compared to other cities around the world.