Frame by Frame: Korean Cinema from Script to Screen

By June 27, 2013 Events

Frame by Frame, Korean cinema from script to screen is your lead up to the biggest Korean film event in Australia, KOFFIA Korean Film Festival.

The exhibition will be the first to reveal the films for KOFFIA 2013 and give a glimpse into the history of our regular Korean film screening event, Cinema on the Park (COTP). Frame by Frame, Korean cinema from script to screen exhibits the original storyboard of the Box-office hit, Masquerade (2012) drawn by Korean storyboard artist group, Contibrothers, who have recently finished working with Park Chan-wook’s Stoker.

Paralleled with the original storyboard of three selected scenes from the film, new storyboards of these scenes drawn by 6 Australian artists will be exhibited. In order to maximise the artists’ own visualisation of the narrative, they were only supplied the original scenario of the scenes without any other information about the film. The exhibition was initiated from the idea that there is a possibility of shifting visualisations of the same narrative through personal or cultural difference. Thus, the diverse visual interpretations caused by cultural differences and similarities will be investigated through comparing the original storyboard and the interpretations of the Australian artists. Not only that, it also explores the filmmaking process of taking a written scenario and visualising it for the cinema screen.

When: 4th July to 16th August, 2013

Cost: Free

Where: Korean Cultural Office, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

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