Free Events and Workshops at the Apple Store – Sydney

By June 7, 2013 Events

Meet the Filmmaker: Haifaa Al Mansour, Wadjda
Pioneering Saudi Arabian director Haifaa Al Mansour earned her master’s degree in film studies from The University of Sydney. At this special event, Haifaa will talk about her debut feature Wadjda, the first feature film shot entirely in her home country.
Saturday, 8 June at 2:00 pm

Meet the Filmmakers: Ivan Sen and David Jowsey, Mystery Road
Following on from his acclaimed debut feature Beneath Clouds, Ivan Sen’s highly anticipated Mystery Road is the Opening Night film at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. In this session, Ivan and producer David Jowsey will discuss the making of Mystery Road, which Ivan wrote, directed, shot, edited and scored.
Sunday, 9 June at 12:00 pm

Meet the Filmmakers: Kim Mordaunt and Sylvia Wilczynski, The Rocket
The Australian filmmaking duo of writer/director Kim Mordaunt (Former Metro Screen Documentary tutor) and producer Sylvia Wilczynski (Bomb Harvest) will discuss their Lao-language debut feature The Rocket, which won the Crystal Bear for Best Film and Best First Feature at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.
Sunday, 9 June at 2:00 pm

Masterclass: Editing Your Film with Nick Meyers
Editing, more than any other stage of production, determines the audience’s final experience. Join veteran editor Nick Meyers as he discusses his latest award-winning project, The Rocket. Nick will reveal footage from the cutting-room floor, and share his unique techniques and insight into the craft of editing with Final Cut Pro.
Monday, 10 June at 2:00 pm

Masterclass: Lighting Your Film with Pieter de Vries ACS
Light — and the way it falls — sets the mood in every scene. Join Pieter de Vries, one of Australia’s finest cinematographers, as he discusses the very latest photographic lighting tools and how to create softness, intensity and drama by looking into the shadows. He’ll also share advice on interview lighting and professional lighting on a budget.
Thursday, 13 June at 6:00 pm

Masterclass: Story Structure for Film with Martin Brown
Martin Brown has worked on iconic films including Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! In this masterclass, Martin will discuss story structure in popular films, and examine the elements that trigger our engagement with narrative.
Friday, 14 June at 6:00 pm

Masterclass: How to Survive an Adventure Documentary
The Crossing follows two young Australians in the adventure of a lifetime on Canada’s Victoria Island. In this masterclass you’ll hear one of the adventurers, Clark Carter, discuss the challenges of filming while surviving subzero temperatures, razor-sharp rocks and dangerous wildlife. He’ll be joined by director Julian Harvey, who’ll explain how he turned 100 hours of footage into an 85-minute film.
Tuesday, 18 June at 6:00 pm

Short Filmmaking Workshop
Bring your iPhone and your short-film footage to this hands-on moviemaking workshop. Hear tips and tricks in the art of filmmaking, and learn how to import and edit your footage in iMovie on the Mac. And when you’re done, discover how to share your masterpiece in a just a few simple steps.
Saturday, 22 June at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X completely changes the way professional video editors work. In this presentation you’ll look at some of the innovative features that make editing movies so much easier in Final Cut Pro X. We’ll demonstrate the Magnetic Timeline, applying effects and how to organise your media faster than ever before.
Thursday, 20 June and Tuesday, 25 June at 5:30 pm