The Storyworld Studio

As part of this studio program we are running a Storyworlds Seminar 9 August 1.30 – 5pm followed by networking drinks. Buy your tickets now.


Sisters of Manus Dei by PJ Collins

Nunsploitation, Crime Drama


State of Mind by Philip Denson

Psychological Fantasy


Haverhill by Julia Gregg

Psychological thriller/ Mystery


Alice in Underland by Yvette Harvey

Fantasy Fiction


Charlie Booker by Philip Lange

Historical Drama


Madam Greensprite by Liz McCarthy

Hard Science Fiction


Conqueror by Glenys McLaughlin

Science Fiction


Broken Sky by Cam Smeal

Speculative Fiction


Operation Paperclip: The Medusa Files by Roy Weiland

Action/Drama/Horror/Science fiction


The World of Christopher Crabbe by Jackie Young

Children’s Ebook & Game


“The craft of immersive, engaging storytelling is a timeless skill. Mike Jones will take participants into an expanded and enriched ‘storyworld universe’ and ‘character interactions experience’ played out in the interactive multiplatform environment of the 21st Century. David Opitz, Metro Screen Projects and Productions Manager



Seeking: Big thinking writers, filmmakers and storytellers who want to create epic worlds for their characters to come to life in, not bound to any one screen or platform. Take your audience on a journey through many touchpoints for a rich, engaging experience.

The Storyworld Studio is an intensive development program for interactive multiplatform stories, an Australian first pioneered by Metro Screen and Mike Jones, winner of the UK ICTommorow Digital Innovation award for Film & TV last year.

Limited places are available at this unique structured development studio, subsidized by Screen NSW and Metro Screen.

“The interactive multi-platform space is rapidly expanding but, more importantly, it is also maturing. This means great opportunities to generate rich, engaging, narratively complex experiences. There’s never been a better time to be a storyteller because there’s never been more screens and media forms to tell stories on.”
Mike Jones, Australian multiplatform expert

Technology doesn’t change what a story is, but technologies and platforms do change audience experience and the process by which writers develop ideas. For today’s content makers, this means seeing storyworld building as central to storyteller’s craft; story worlds that can generate multiple stories across multiple media and envelop audiences in role-play and immersion.

The rigorous program is an engaging and structured process for the development of meaningful, dramatic and sustainable storytelling in the interactive multiplatform world. Participants will be guided through storyworld design, rules and pressures taking point of view in to account. Narrative adaption, journey mapping and process will be explored along with Author versus Agency, role play and game mechanics. Practical demonstrations and expert advice on presenting and pitching rich creative concepts will see participants completing the studio ready to develop fully-fledged projects.

Applications are due by close of business Tuesday 14 May 2013.


Mike Jones is a screenwriter, author and creative developer across traditional & new media projects. He is Head of Story Development for UK-based interactive media company Portal Entertainment – winner of the UK ICTommorow Digital Innovation award for Film & TV in 2012. He is co-author of a forthcoming trilogy of political/historical thriller novels and digital/broadcast extensions for publisher Simon & Schuster and is script-editor on the post-apocalyptic adventure series ‘Wastelander Panda’ featured at SXSW in 2013. He is the recipient of numerous awards for online and multiplatform documentary projects as well as an AWGIE award for his feature horror screenplay ‘Ashes’. He has presented numerous workshops and seminars on interactive multiplatform development in Australia and overseas and is the coordinator of the Immersive Writing Lab project in the UK.

Successful applicants must be available to attend all five Storyworld Studio sessions from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

  • Thursday 6 June
  • Thursday 13 June
  • Thursday 20 June
  • Thursday 27 June
  • Thursday 4 July

Administration Fee:
This program is valued at over $2000 which is heavily subsidized by Screen NSW. The successful participants will be required to pay an administration fee of $300 upon confirmation of the studio.

Studio Location:
Metro Screen, Paddington Town Hall, Corner of Oxford Street & Oatley Road, Paddington, Sydney

Application Brief

We’re looking for Storyworlds that have broad possibilities across multiple platforms – TV, Feature, Web Series, Interactive experiences and Video Games, Interactive Books and Graphic novels, Alternate Reality Games and Social media.

Applicants need to submit a summary of their Storyworld idea that includes:

  • Short Summary of the storyworld
  • Characters and Communities that live in the storyworld
  • Conflicts and Dramatic problems that affect the storyworld

Creative concepts can be bought to life by supplying supporting materials e.g. visuals, maps, scripts.

For further details contact Metro Screen Productions and Projects Coordinator Craig Boreham on or call 02 9356 1818.