Gateway LA Script Development Program: Australians In Film (AIF)

By July 31, 2014 Entries

Australians in Film (AIF) has appointed a new President, Simonne Overend, and one of her first points of business is to launch the Gateway LA script development program, supporting international projects from Australian writers.

The program will support the development of commercially successful, Australian created television and movie screenplays for US and international audiences. It aims to provide Australians living and working in the US with even more opportunities for support and resources, and will help Australian projects secure exposure to the best networks in the business.

The Gateway LA prize will see between one and three winners announced per year. They will be selected from an ‘Aussie List’ of up to 10 film and television scripts, which will be circulated to a group of judges from the AIF network. Winning projects will receive a cash award to facilitate development of the script, a flight to LA, and targeted meetings with producers and executives.

Applications open 4 August and close 12 September 2014.

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