Grab Your Camera and Win with Mamiwata!

By March 11, 2014 Entries

Mamiwata Film wants to reward your creativity! Grab your camera, show off your talent, and enter for your chance to win up to $1000! Film or Photograph a Mamiwata “trailer,” get your friends to vote on it, and be original!

Do you like photography? Mamiwata is holding a Photo Contest for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to capture the perfect Mamiwata moment. Get out there, find a spooky spot, take a picture and send it over. Be as serious, goofy, or ridiculous as you want. Capture what you think is the essence of our film… think of it as a trailer, but captured in one still frame. Your purpose would be to use the photo to sell the movie to an audience. Be sure to use clichés about your culture — the surfer dudes of California, the spray-tan babes of Miami, the loudmouths of Boston. Convince your friends, family, and everyone else to vote for you.

Three winners will be chosen from the top 15 most popular photos. First Prize – $250; Second Prize – $150; Third Prize – $50

There’s more. Do you have filmmaking skills? Then enter the Mamiwata Video Contest. Scary, funny, or dramatic, it’s absolutely your choice on what style you choose for your film. Be sure to follow the same rules and clichés of the photo contest above. Again, your goal would be to use the video to sell the movie to an audience, just like a Hollywood trailer would. Be creative, get voted on, and convince the Mamiwata filmmakers to choose you.

Three winners will be chosen from the top 15 most popular videos. First Prize – $1000; Second Prize – $500; Third Prize – $250.

Please note that you don’t have to be a pro to win. Just be creative and amaze us. Most importantly, have fun! Happy shooting!

For more details and rules, visit our contest page:

Mamiwata tells the story of four American students and their professor who travel to the heart of the African wilderness in search of Iboga, a potential cure for drug addiction. There they unwittingly unleash the wrath of a Mermaid called Mamiwata. You can find more about the movie at: