How Film Can Raise The Dead!

By April 26, 2012 Blog

The recent internet frenzy over a hologram appearance of deceased rapper Tupac at the Coachella festival (NSFW language warning!) has opened a huge can of technological worms. The NPR article detailing the bizarre trick of light and moving images hints at a future where Elvis may be coming to a stage near you and old footage remixed together can literally raise the dead. Australian video artists Soda_Jerk are dealing with this subject matter at an exhibition coming up called Hauntology at Serial Space Sunday 13 May.

“Cinema films death at work. By embalming traces of the living, film functions as a form of mummification as well as a site where the dead are incessantly resurrected through the life-giving motion of the film projector.” Soda_Jerk

Perhaps this is the holographic representation of what various Indigenous cultures have believed for centuries – capturing a person’s image can steal their soul. In Maori culture this is why representations of people in art are stylized and more and more Australians are becoming aware of the sensitive nature of images representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

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