IndigiLab: Resourceful, Innovative, Clever and Unique

By August 10, 2015 Industry News

From the stone axe to mapping the stars, science and technology are part of Indigenous Australian culture, and it has been this way for over 15,000 generations.

It is through our understanding of science and technology that we have maintained the environment we live in, and it’s about time this knowledge was recognised, respected and integrated.

We want to work with communities to create new and innovative projects that inspire youth to continue the legacy of Indigenous science and technology and create  sustainable communities.

IndigiLab will focus on projects that explore arts, science and environment, but we will also delve into gaming, entertainment, architecture, civil construction and anything that impacts on Indigenous people and communities.

How you can help?

Please pledge your support so we can start getting our young kids interested in science and technology. The funding will allow Ngujakura Productions to market IndigiLab and hold an IndigiLab workshop for youth in Redfern, Sydney. Participants will get the chance to workshop innovative ideas with a mix of artists, scientists, environmentalists and social rights advocates to combat social and environmental issues through the IndigiLab theory Art + Science = Change.

This program will be used as a pilot, and a recruiting opportunity for IndigiLab online subscribers. The group will be part of the growing IndigiLab alumni and have the chance to collaborate on future projects through our program. We believe there is a need for IndigiLabs to be held across the country.

We also aim to produce an IndigiLab TV show for which we require broadcasting partners. Hosted by a geeky nerd and super artsy type, IndigiLab will give viewers a snapshot of the best games, apps and other technologies developed by Indigenous people. A segment of the show will explore social issues and ideas for making positive changes to our environment.