Iron Man 3 – Kings Comics Premier Screening

By March 21, 2013 Events

Marvel Films delivers the third spectacular Iron Man film just before Anzac Day, and like The Avengers, Kings is hosting a special screening on its first day of release. Not due for release in the U.S. until the 3rd May, Aussie fans are once again getting the latest Marvel film over a week in advance of our Yankee cousins and thats gotta be a shot to the Arc Reactor. This time round Tony Stark is up against his ultimate comic book foe The Mandarin, and not even a souped-up Iron Patriot will help him get out of the line of rocket fire. Starks life is about to fall apart, and by the time the dust has settled, only one word will be on his mind Avenge!

When: Wednesday 24th April, 7pm
Where: HOYTS Cinemas at the Broadway Shopping Centre.
Cost: $20
Tickets and more information: