Jump Start Films Required for Screening

By February 26, 2013 Entries

I am soon to complete a short film I received the Metro Screen Jump Start grant for in 2012.

I would love to try and arrange a cast/crew screening of this short, and feel that such an opportunity should not be wasted on this short alone, and so am searching for any other Jump Start supported teams that will have a completed film ready (from anytime during the last couple of years) by May this year, so that we can screen them together and attempt to bring down any associated costs, as well as rewarding our wonderful cast and crews.

Please let me know if you fit into this category and perhaps we can get chatting about our options. Metro Screen may be able to hold the screening in Studio 2 if there is enough interest.

Contact: Alex Giles
Mobile: 0438 987023
Email: mr.giles@hotmail.com