Khatabah Wins Top Honours

By March 13, 2011 Congratulations

‘Khatabah’ by filmmaker Ridwan Hassim wins top honours at the 2011 Indian Film Festival – Western Union Short Film Competition from Australia.

This award includes a trip to Bombay to internship on a Bollywood film.

“I am extremely honoured to be the Australian winner of this years WESTERN UNION Indian short film festival. Khatabah [MATCHMAKER] is the very first film that I made, and its theme is very personal to me as I am a strong advocate of greater rights for women in the Islamic World, rights that their religion affords them but sadly the societies and governments deprive them of. The Theme of Khatabah is especially poignant amidst the wave of democracy that is sweeping the Islamic World at present, which promises to finally give people in those countries a chance to have the rights that they have dreamt of all their lives, but have been deprived of for so long because of despotic regimes. Thank you to METRO SCREEN and SCREEN AUSTRALIA for sponsoring me to make this film. Thank you to WESTERN UNION for choosing KHATABAH as the winner, hopefully Khatabah’s theme will resonate in the hearts and minds of audiences globally.” said Ridwan.