Location Needed: House Hire For Feature Film

By May 7, 2015 Jobs

Does anyone know of a house in Sydney I can shoot my feature film in during the student holidays? I need the space for seven to 10 days in June or July, and I am willing to pay.

• The house must be in Sydney
• The owner must be happy for cast and crew to film in the house for eight to 12 hours a day
• The owner must be happy for us to move furniture around (will obviously be put back)
• Potentially have cast and crew use the house as accommodation during the shoot
• A contract is welcomed to be written up and signed
• The aesthetic look of the house isn’t set, but I would rather not film in a brand new house. Any type of house between the 1970s and mid 2000s would be good, but I am willing to look at new and modern houses.

• Payment
• Credit in film (e.g. locations is provided by…)
• Promotion of the house for real-estate purposes
• Bragging rights to say “I work in the movies”
• Plus anything else you may want to bring up

NOTE: cleaning of the house will be taken at the end of each day and at the end when the filming is complete. Any damage will be accounted for before and after inception of property done by both parties.
If you are the proprietor or know someone who owns a house that might be willing to help, please email: noshly@hotmail.com or elledontmind@hotmail.com