Looking for Camera Operators/Videographers for Weddings

By January 15, 2014 Jobs

Looking for someone who’s interested in being a second or third videographer for weddings as an ongoing long-term position, not a casual drop-in, drop-out thing. Please read carefully before replying!

* Long hours, mediocre pay. We’re usually filming around a 16-hour day. And we also expect you to have a bit of stamina. No sitting around at receptions talking.

* We expect you to come along to at least one job with us as a trial before we start paying you, so we can get some idea of what you can do.

* Pay starts at $400 a job and will increase after one year. Likely to have around 15 jobs for you this year. We’d also need you to be pretty free on weekends for at least a year. We don’t mind if you’re also freelancing for other companies, but it means you can’t do too much of this — you’d have to be fairly committed to working with our company.

* You’d need a driver’s licence and access to a vehicle.

* Need some sort of experience as a photographer or camera operator — preferably but not necessarily in weddings. Please send links to your work. If you’ve only done photography before and never video, we can train you.

* Need to be willing to undergo training when necessary.

* You don’t need equipment — we supply everything.

* Need you to be extremely reliable. If you’ve say you’ll do a date, there’s no pulling out — you can’t get sick — you can’t quit if a better-paying job comes along — this is someone’s wedding!

* Need to actually like weddings. Otherwise, you’ll burn out fast. This is a not an easy job or a job for the faint-hearted. Plenty of easier ways to make money.

If you’re not scared away yet, please contact us via our website: http://www.adriantan.com.au, sending some links to your work, and let us know what your availability is to meet up over the next week or two.