Machete Girl: The Hacker Chronicles

By December 10, 2012 Events

The Digital Web Series: Machete Girl: The Hacker Chronicles, is the story of a young woman who is desperately trying to find out who has been systematically murdering her friends before she ends up the same way. Set in the year 2043 Chloe is a hacktivist who steals government data and hides it in a Virtual Reality Game known as Arcadia, which is a fully immersive virtual gaming world.

The series will be shot with an ‘audience participation basis’ in mind, for example at the end of the first webisode the audience will decide who lives and who dies. It’s an entirely revolutionary concept at this level because of how intense and visually spectacular the scenes will be. We will be shooting all alternatives during the shoot to compensate for audience participation.

Currently Machete Girl is also a popular free online magazine with over half a million downloads and now a 24 hour four channel online TV station, all run out of pocket for the fans. There is also a novel in the works set five years in the past, a comic book and a feature should this series generate the kind of interest we would like it to.