Machete Girl: The Hacker Chronicles – Indiegogo

By October 8, 2013 Events

The Hacker Chronicles follows the story of elite futuristic femme fatale Chloe Raynor (Machete Girl) who is being chased by government assassinsĀ for theft of top secret information that if it gets out will change the human race forever. Chloe is in a race to decrypt the information before she is eliminated. The story also follows the interpersonal relationships of this elite hacker group five years after they lost a world war fought in Brazil and Peru when they were virtual reality cyber hackers.

You as an audience member are engaged in the story telling process as you get to vote as to what happens at the end of each episode. In the first episode for example, one of the characters may or may not die depending on what you decide and the actress herself gets to appeal to the audience to save her character. Every 5 episodes (at the end of each season) there will be a significant game changer propelling the story forward.

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