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Over 48 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute, and that statistic has probably changed while I am typing this. You get the picture, there are more videos out there than people or devices, so what makes that tiny little percentage reach 1 million and now over 1 billion views? Is it magic? No. There are common threads to all of them that you can learn from. So here is your D.I.Y. Self-guided crash course to making a video go nuts!

Kevin Allocca’s TED talk ‘why videos go viral’ is short, very funny and fascinating. He gives you 3 quick take aways that are practical.

[ted id=1371]

‘How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer’ is not a new documentary but it still holds true. This introduction to the series explains how the new branch of science Network Theory and Kevin Bacon have come together to explain why crickets chirp in unison and why videos go viral.


This video is terrible quality but content is worth listening to, for most people its a great introduction to Reddit and Sub-Reddits if you’ve never heard of them. He also touches on crowd-sourcing support from the inception stage of the project.


Okay this one is not strictly a video, its slideshare, but worth it! The main message here is framing. Framing and copy can sink your video even if its the funniest most entertaining video in the history of dancing penguin videos EVA.

[slideshare id=15473996&doc=rootscampslideshare3-121203174237-phpapp02]

This one is mostly just for giggles and because a good parody of “marketing” is always necessary after learning about marketing.


Researched and Written By Tiani Chillemi – Development Manager, Metro Screen
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