Male and Female Actors Wanted for Paid Advertisement – Coffee and Brownies

By October 11, 2013 Jobs


‘Coffee and Brownies’ is a 4 minute advertisement that introduces and promotes the Rapid Placement teacher placement service. It contains a ‘day in the life’ dramatization which is bookended by a company spokesperson.


A teacher has called in sick and it’s all down to vice principal Miranda to find a replacement as quickly as possible. Luckily for her she’s got a trick up her sleeve that will not only solve the problem in record time, but all without a single phone call.


The advertisement will be distributed via the Rapid Placement website, social media and other electronic avenues.


Please send your CV and a recent headshot to:

Selected applicants will receive an audition pack which includes an audition time/place and a scene to prepare. Auditions will be held on the morning of Sunday 20th October in Surry Hills.

Shooting Date: Saturday 30th November 2013

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Payment details: $300


1. Rapid Placement Spokesperson (Males, aged 35 to 45 from New South Wales, Australia)

Professional but relatable. Confident, Clean cut. He’s the face of the company and introduces it’s services. He speaks with confidence without being overbearing.

2. Vice principal Miranda (Females, aged 35 to 45 from New South Wales, Australia)

A lady on a mission. She walks fast and eats slowly. In front of her peers she’s professional and to the point. She takes pride in finding new and efficient ways to do her job. In the privacy of her office she’s relaxed, casual and loves to snack on brownies.