Mamiwata Film – Call for Volunteers

By May 12, 2014 Jobs

Mamiwata Film is looking for volunteers in a city near you.

Summer is just around the corner and you are already making great plans. How about including volunteering for Mamiwata Film in your plans. That’s right whether you are a high school or college student, or retired film fan, we want to take your support beyond the computer screen. Show us that you love us as much as we love you. Help us connect with your community and raise awareness about the paranormal/horror movie that they should not missed at the movie theater.

So whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, joining a summer camp or visiting family, whether you’ll be at the beach or in a small town, you can become a Mamiwata volunteers and help grow our Mamiwata Film fan base.

What’s in there for you?

How about appearing on screen, in our movie, in the post credit segment that will acknowledge our fans. That’s right, we commit to showing your face to the audience and ten of you will even have a 30 second line if you so choose.

You will help put a smile on people’s face by giving away everything from free Mamiwata T-shirts, beach balls, volleyball balls, frisbees, baseball caps, hats, pens, coffee mugs and more goodies.

You will have fun organizing Mamiwata beach parties on some of the famous beaches in your town

You will compete with other volunteers for one of 4 $500 cash prize that will be handed out in September to the most effective volunteers.

You will receive a check of up to $5000 if and when the movie comes out and exceeds the financial goal that we have set. (This will be communicated to you in writing when you come onboard as a volunteer). If we miss this goal you will only receive our big thank you.

What we need from you?

Organize by convincing a few friends to hit the town with you to tell your community about Mamiwata. You will distribute free Mamiwata T-shirts, beach balls, volleyball balls, frisbees, baseball caps, hats, pens, coffee mugs and more goodies, to people in your community

Go to parks on major holidays (i.e.: 4th of July) and distribute Mamiwata Film 4th of July goodies.

Organize park and beach parties where you’ll give out free food, snacks and tell people about Mamiwata and why they should go see it.

Go to movie theatre and hand out Mamiwata goodies to moviegoers, especially on days when popular movies are coming out (we will provide the list)

Visit colleges and hand out Mamiwata Film goodies.

Organize happy hours at local bars that we will partner with.

Collect email addresses for those interested in receiving updates and contest announcements.

Capture your actions on camera and post your videos on the Mamiwata volunteers Facebook page which will be shared with you soon. This will be used for a Volunteer contest at the end of the summer. Prizes will be announced then.

Post your actions and activities on the Mamiwata volunteers Facebook page.

Bring any other great ideas that you think will help us get the word out.

Here is the list of cities for which we are looking for volunteers:Ā 

Check back in a few days as we will update this list daily. If you can’t find your city or a nearby city on this list, please email and ask if you can volunteer for another city or town. YES small towns count too.

In short, we want Mamiwata to be everywhere. Join us as we try to do achieve this.

If you have questions and want to get involved or know someone who might want to, please drop us a line at:


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