(Melbourne) Seeking HOD’s – Supervising Producer, DOP, 1st AD, Art Director and Editor for a short 5 minute live action and animation pilot

By November 7, 2014 Jobs

TV PILOT – now crewing! Work with an experienced team! (Melbourne)

The short 5 minute pilot will begin filming early December for 4 days. The film is intended for a festival run and optioned to large networks in Australia so promises huge exposure for successful candidates. Unpaid but fully catered.

Supervising Producer
• Ideal candidate will have a passion for producing, an eye for detail and a desire to oversee and expand their experience in live action and animation production simultaneously
• Proven capability in managing TV/film productions
• Be part of the overall strategy for the production and manage the development and production process
• Lead/guide the line producer and post-production team to meet deadlines.
• Develop working relationships with production team to provide constructive feedback that helps them improve their performance.

Director of Photography
• Seeking a talented & creative director of photography
• In-depth knowledge of creative lighting techniques
• Precise attention to detail
• Equipment to be discussed
• Excellent time management skills and the ability to work well under tight schedules

1st AD
• Ideal candidate will be interested in working with a professional director to ensure a successful shoot
• Diligent in pre-production with script breakdown and liaising with the Heads of Departments.
• Ability to be the authority on the set and ensure the schedule runs on time and in conjunction with the line producer making sure the production stays within budget.
Art Director/Production Designer
• Ideal candidate will have experience in conceptualising, designing and building the sets
• Desire to oversee the art design of the film
Have a well trained eye for detail and strong communication skills
• Ability to collaborate with the Director
• Contribute creative ideas to the production and post-production processes, and improvements where required.
• Track record of working closely with the director to quality content

More about the project:
Newcomers is a mockumentary series about alien refugees who move into a Melbourne housing estate, their struggle to integrate, and their quest for Australian citizenship.
This imaginative comedy features interviews with community members about what it’s like to live alongside people from different cultural and background. A family of aliens talk about their experience of fitting in over a six-month period. These interviews intercut with the alien kids’ everyday struggles to live, study and play in their adoptive Australia.
A timely satire on Aussie attitudes towards asylum seekers (and ourselves), Newcomers brings a fresh perspective to the debate around integration.

Please submit reels & resumes to paul.diamond@y7mail.com for consideration and more information.