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The Metro Screen Fellowship program has been created in partnership with the Australian Directors’ Guild to continue the spirit of Metro Screen in fostering and developing emerging screen culture.

Since its inception in 1981 Metro Screen provided a range of opportunities for emerging screen practitioners and for the telling of stories that reflect the full diversity of Australian society. Regrettably, Metro Screen was forced to close at the end of 2015 due to federal funding cuts. The surplus funds at closure are being used to fund the program.

In Emerging Visions – Career Pathways in the Australian screen production industry, the research undertaken by Metro Screen prior to its closure, the following statement continues to ring true –

“The future relevance and sustainability of screen culture relies on successful talent regeneration, fresh ideas, new perspectives, new voices and new audiences. And a diversity of voices given opportunities to show what they can do.”

The Metro Screen Fellowships have been funded for a minimum of four years to offer the following opportunities.

The Fellowships are aimed at emerging filmmakers (see Emerging Visions – Career Pathways in the Australian screen production industry report for definition at It is anticipated that the Metro Screen Fellowships will be a stepping-stone to programs such as the ADG Directors Attachment Scheme, Screen NSW Emerging Filmmakers Fund and SPA Ones To Watch.


$20, 000 cash funding to a NSW based director to support the production of a short screen work, not exceeding 12 minutes, in any genre and any format.


* Applicants must be a Director

* NSW resident

* An individual, and not an organisation

* Cash may not to be spent on the purchase of equipment.

Application Materials


Name, email, address, phone for producer and director (and writer if applicable)


* Synopsis of the project: one paragraph

* Contribution to the diversity of screen culture or the screen sector: half page

* Director’s statement: half page

* Attach:

* Final script (NB: screen duration does not exceed 12 minutes)

* Budget: one page max

* Overall production schedule


* Brief CV’s of key creatives: total of one page max

* URL links to previous work for producer, director and/or writer (producer and director must have one relevant screen credit).

* Chain of title secured: producer signature.

Application Assessment

* Strength of the proposed script and appeal of the story

* Contribution to the diversity of screen culture or the screen sector

* Ability to complete by deadline and within budget


Up to $15,000 cash to support the development of the emerging screen community.

The Open Fellowship is designed to foster fresh ideas and new perspectives in the screen industry culture. There are no preconceptions as to what form this endeavor can take, with the exception that it is not intended for production.

This work can be designed to benefit yourself as an emerging practitioner, or to investigate, research or create something that would be beneficial to the emerging screen community. For instance, mentored development, attachments or internships, research into new areas, a community building opportunity or networking event, innovative exhibition, and purposeful travel to investigate opportunities currently not available in Australia.


* NSW resident

* Open to all screen practitioners from any creative or crew position

* Cash must not be spent on a production

Application Materials


Applicant Name, email, address, phone contacts.


Using Emerging Visions: Career Pathways in the Screen Production Industry report as your reference provide the following;

* Outline the proposed activity: half page

* Amount requested (up to $15k) and budget breakdown (quotes if required).

* Outline the impact of the proposed activity on your screen career and/or the screen careers of others [i.e. if networking event etc.]: half page

* Outline the potential of this activity to contribute in a meaningful way to the diversity of screen content and/or screen culture: half page

* Outline how you will raise awareness of your activity and the Fellowship: one or two paragraphs.

* URL links to relevant previous work.

Application Assessment

* potential to contribute to applicant’s screen career or to the careers of emerging screen practitioners.

* Potential to contribute to the diversity and/ or the cultural development of the screen sector

* Evidence of research or development that underpins the project logic

* Appropriate references to/ understanding of Emerging Visions report

* Ability to complete the project by deadline

The Committee has the right to determine whether applications meet the desired criteria for the Fellowship categories. In the event that a Fellowship/s is not awarded, the associated funds will be rolled into the following year. The Committee has the right to award the Open Fellowship to more than one applicant if funds requested are less than the full amount available.


For deadlines and applications check the Australian Directors’ Guild website at or call (02) 9555 7045.