Metro Screen Multiplatform Scholarship Success: Crime Plays

By February 7, 2012 Congratulations

The Department of Trade and Investment have announced a slate of projects they will fund in 2012 as part of their Interactive Media Fund; Among them is Crime Plays, a mobile-locative game from the team at Sydney-based creative collective, Dog Money World.

A “Cross between The Amazing Race and Grand Theft Auto”, Crime Plays offers an immersive form of storytelling for audiences hungry for involved entertainment.

A true cross-platform offering, Crime Plays involves television integration, online, social media and at its heart, a smart-phone application. Players adopt a fictional role and take their place in a virtual-crime world working their way through the ranks from petty-crim to mob boss. Users complete virtual missions, play mini-games and compete against their peers to become the ‘top dog’ in the fictional, criminal world. All of this is done in real-world locations, seamlessly blurring the lines between real-life and gameplay.

Dog Money World wanted to bring a free-roaming console game experience to the real world using mobile and social platforms:

“We really want to give users the opportunity to play a game that feels as immersive as something like LA Noire or Call of Duty, but without being chained to the sofa. We’re creating a rich world of story and a great multi-player experience” – James Boyce, Dog Money World

The team will be headed up by Anna Bay, James Boyce and Claire Evans who have between them worked on feature films, large-scale digital projects, and brand campaigns for some the world’s most recognized brands including Toyota, Weta Digital and Clinique. They met and began developing Crime Plays while participating in MetroScreen’s inaugural MultiPlatform Screen Producer Scholarship in 2010.

Alex Carlyle of LA Noire fame will lead the game design; his experience in gaming goes back more than 10 years and includes multi-million bestsellers including one of PS2’s ‘Top 10 Selling Games of All Time’ The Getaway.

“I was instantly impressed by the potential for the project to provide unique and interesting interaction for the player” – Alex Carlyle, Lead Game Design (LA Noire, The Getaway)

Dog Money World plan to release the game in conjunction with an existing film or television series, incorporating popular characters and story lines into Crime Plays; they are currently in talks with both local and international studios and broadcasters regarding partnership.

“We’re looking to align with a greater narrative property. For Crime Plays, it means a rich story-world around which we can tailor our immersive experience. For the IP owners, it means a brand-strengthening line extension, an innovative tool for audience engagement, and an opportunity for revenue capture” – Anna Bay, Dog Money World

The game will incorporate in-game transactions and will also look to brands for sponsorship.

Crime Plays will be available in 2012.  Watch the game trailer here:

For more information, please contact:

Claire Evans, Dog Money World

Phone: 0407 221141