Mina Student Diary

By November 27, 2012 Events

Mina Student Diary has been adapted to a You Tube video from the original Manga-Comic of the same name. The story is a romantic adventure, about a Japanese student from Tokyo who comes to Sydney to study English. Mina starts her new life in Sydney staying at a backpackers in Surry Hills. The original Manga comic is in Japanese with some English text. The International video version retains the comic`s illustrations and text but has an English narration and voice artists playing the various characters. The soundtrack ‘Sha-ra-ran’ by Japanese band ‘Cock-Tail’ provided by Dragon is used through out the clip.

Project Supervisor, Andrew Wallace, says: “Adding sound to a illustrated comic was quite a challenge. Manga comics rely on the illustrations to tell the story, with very little text. Bearing this in mind we made it simple. No background sounds were used, like sound of the ocean, seagulls ,wind or cars. Only the narration, voices of the various characters and the soundtrack. All the voices were recorded in the recording booth at Metro Screen.  The scans of the artwork, editing and mixing of the soundtrack were by Metro Screen’s Hire and Post department. All of the voice over artists were all amateurs with the exception of the narrator who also does the voice of Mina, Adriana Curgnale”.

Artwork and illustrations: Minoko
Story: Major Kool

Director/Producer: Major Kool
Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh6tvYWe4Zc&feature=plcp