NAFA Talk | CPR For Film & TV

By February 9, 2015 Events
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CPR—when done accurately on TV shows and movies—may be emulated by the viewer and therefore potentially save lives. NAFA is pleased to present a practical skills workshop to ensure that actors, writers and filmmakers can henceforth accurately portray CPR on screen. Plus it’s a good life skill to have anyway!

Speakers | Janelle White & Suzanne Davies

Janelle White is an Intensive Care/Extended Care Paramedic with NSW Ambulance and a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Paramedic Practice at UTAS at the Sydney campus. She is also a Director of Take Heart Australia –  the national not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the Australian survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest, which is currently only 9%. She is excited to include you in part of the Take Heart Australia plan for a sudden cardiac arrest survival rate of 50% in 5 years!

Suzanne Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania in Sydney, Deputy Chair and Manager of Training for the NSW Resuscitation Council (and an Advanced Life Support Instructor), Project Director and Chief Investigator for the Distributed Research in Emergency and Acute Medicine Collaboration, Scientific Chair and Director for the Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine and a Director for Take Heart Australia. These roles all are different facets of one goal—to save lives from acute illness, especially sudden cardiac arrest.

NAFA presents February Choc Tops.
Choc Tops are educational networking meetings for actors, screenwriters and filmmakers.
Date | Mon 16 Feb, 6.30 pm
Location | Dolphin Hotel (412 Crown Street, Surry Hills)
All welcome | Admission $10